Is This Legal?
How to get a FAST ruling on skills!

If you are a USASF member and have a question as to whether a skill is legal or not, you may submit a video for our Safety Officials to determine legality. Here are important tips to help us get your results back to you as quickly as possible.

NOTE: This service is provided to USASF members only.

  • Every email must indicate the division and category for which you are requesting a ruling.
  • We cannot rule on written descriptions of a skill, you must submit video.
  • Every email must include a video of the skill for which you are seeking a ruling. Video must be of exactly what you want a ruling on. We will not rule on a portion of a video, or a skill based on a video with a description of a difference.
  • Videos should be filmed specifically for the purpose of getting a ruling.
  • Videos must be of your dancers.
  • Videos must be of a single skill or sequence.
  • Videos from competitions, of more than one skill or sequence, or believed to be of other groups/teams will not receive a reply.
  • If you have questions regarding multiple skills they should be sent in separate emails. Sending multiple angles of the same skill in a single email is allowed, but a separate email is required for each different skill.
  • We can only tell you a skill is LEGAL or ILLEGAL for a specific division/category along with citing the rule violated. We will not assist with changing choreography.
  • We only rule on the legality of the skill in the video, not the participants.
  • Our ruling is only valid if the skill is performed the same way in the video as at an event. If called on a skill we said was legal, then the safety judge or official at the event should point out the difference.
  • Please watch the video before sending it in to make sure it’s a clear. We’ve received several videos that we couldn’t rule on due to something that would have been obvious if the video was watched in advance, such as the view being blocked by a finger of the camera holder.
  • It is your responsibility to have the original email containing the ruling with you at events. This specifically means the email directly from, not a forwarded version of the email.

For general rules questions not related to determining the legality of a skill, please submit the Dance Rules Form.