The first annual NATIONAL ALL STAR CHEER & DANCE DAY (NASCDD) took place on September 12, 2015 and united programs across the country in a celebration of All Star Cheer and Dance! Click on the highlight video from the 2016 event to see the excitement that happened in gyms and studios!

Save the date for September 9, 2017 to host your very own National All Star Cheer & Dance Day at your gym or studio!
Plan your very own NASCDD in your gym or studio!

Watch the official NASCDD routine!

Learn the official NASCDD routine, perform with your teammates and friends on NASCDD, and post your videos in social! Use #NASCDD.

OR...Come to a USASF Regional Convention this summer and learn the NASCDD routine in person!

When you hear the official NASCDD music play at events this season, break out the NASCDD dance and keep the fun going all season long!