To continually improve the quality of The Cheerleading Worlds leading to increasing its effectiveness in accomplishing the mission of the USASF.

Who is eligible to serve

  • USASF Tier 1 Member Event Producers who award two or more Paid Bids to The Cheerleading Worlds and also awards Bids to The Dance Worlds.
  • USASF Member Gym Owners.
  • Coaches who have attended “at minimum” the previous year’s Worlds
  • One representative from each region selected by the USASF Regional Director.
  • Four representatives form the NACCC Executive Committee.
  • Key personnel responsible for The Cheerleading and Dance Worlds event logistics.

Contact the WAB Chairman Steve Peterson:
One year
Active participation

Convention Week
2017 Convention Week Details
Includes: Dates, Location, Hotel Reservation, & Schedule

Committee Report
August 2014


Steve Peterson Christy Wehner USASF Amber Koster
Steve Peterson Christy Wehner Regina Symons Abel Rosa Amber Koster
USASF VP Events &
Corporate Alliances
American Cheer and
Dance Academy
American Cheer Power Athletic Championships Champion Spirit Group,
Nation's Choice
Heather Petz Colleen Little Ann Lehrman USASF Tina Sexton
Heather Petz Colleen Little Ann Lehrmann Jeff Fowlkes Tina Sexton
Champion Cheer Central Cheer America Championships Cheer and Dance Extreme Cheersport / BOD Coastal Corporation
Dan Kessler Tammy Van Vleet David Sims Justin Carrier
Dan Kessler Tammy Van Fleet David Sims Justin Carrier Cole Stott
Great Lakes Cheer,
GSSA / Aloha / Mid Atlantic JAMZ National Cheerleaders Association One Up Championships, Spirit Sports, World Spirit Federation
Billy Smith USASF USASF Melanie Berry  
Billy Smith Darrell Bagby Michael Burgess Melanie Berry  
Spirit Celebration Spirit Cheer, The American Championships United Spirit Association Universal Cheerleaders Association  
Pam Puckett Morton Bergue Tara Weiland
Miguel Sanchez Pam Puckett Morton Bergue Shawn Brogan Tara Weiland
Central Mississippi Cheerleading Cheer Center Maverick All Stars Michigan Storm Cheer and Dance
Mike Deguzman Beth Johnson    
Mike DeGuzman Jenn Owens Beth Johnson    
Starstruck State All Stars Vision, Vizion All Stars    
Jim Chadwick        
Jim Chadwick        
USASF President & Chairman