Cheer Rules Update

12/14/2015 9:07 AM -

USASF Cheer RulesWhen updated cheer rules are released during each cycle, the Rules Committee monitors the Safety Judge reporting from events, as well as the videos submitted for legality review, to determine if any clarifications or changes need to be made to help members understand the intent of a rule and/or to protect athletes from unforeseen safety concerns.

Following the release of the cheer rules in August, 2015, the Rules Committee has met multiple times a month to ensure that the rules are clear, easily understood by members, and meet the priority of athlete safety. During these reviews, the committee has noticed some areas that need further clarification to improve safety, interpretation and consistency.

The items in red in the Rule Update document indicate the adjustments that were made to the rules release from August 2015. We do not anticipate that these updates will effect many of our members, however, if your routine has any skills that might be in question, we encourage coaches to submit a video to the USASF for legality review to:

If you have any further questions regarding the adjustments please email Alison Stangle, Cheer Director of Rules and Safety at:

Read the Rule Update here.

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