Why Background Checks

10/08/2015 8:23 AM -

Why does the USASF require background checks?

Requiring  background checks is the right and responsible thing to do, and aligns All Star with the requirements of other youth sports, school systems and companies.

The U.S. All Star Federation and its member programs have a professional, moral and legal responsibility to provide a "safe" environment for All Star athletes. Parents should be confident that when their children are under the supervision of other adults, the organization has taken reasonable steps to determine that those individuals are worthy of the responsibility to coach, supervise or chaperone minors. State and federal courts have determined that associations and clubs can be held legally liable for sexual misconduct or abuse that can be connected to participation in their organization.

The USASF recommends the implementation of background screening as a risk management tool for all member programs.  Potential employees and volunteers should complete a thorough screening prior to working or volunteering for an organization.

The USASF requires background screening for anyone age 18 or older who accompanies a team into a warm up room at all USASF Sanctioned Events. This requirement applies to, but is not limited to, owners, coaches, program administrators, choreographers, team parents, team trainers, team photographers, and other "official" team personnel that have a relationship with the team in either an employment or a volunteer capacity. 2017-18 Warm-Up Room Requirements

Additional information on our screening provider, screening criteria, how to complete the process and required frequency of screening can be found at the Background Check page.

Important:  Background screening is designed as a preventative risk management tool, but does not insure inappropriate behavior will not occur.

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