General Membership Guidelines:

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  1. Application for membership is open to every USA-based event producer. Not every member event
    producer will qualify to conduct a USASF sanctioned Worlds Bids qualifying competition.
  2. All member event producers are required to complete and sign each year:
    • USASF Event Producer Member Application that includes the agreement with: 1) the mission of the USASF, 2) following/enforcing the USASF Cheer and Dance Safety Rule and Age Grids at all events, 3) following USASF Sanctioning Standards at all USASF Sanctioned events, 4) conducting business in a way that will support and further the mission of the USASF and 5) the terms and conditions of the USASF Company Member Agreement.
    • USASF Event Producer Member Agreement
    • USASF Professional Responsibility Code (PRC)
  3. USASF event producer Tier 1 membership will be approved by the Sanctioning Committee with the final consent of the USASF Board of Directors.
  4. The decision to approve USASF Event Producers to award World bids will be based on the criteria below. The goal is to not over saturate any given market with Worlds bids such that the competitive value of the bids is diminished. At a minimum, qualifying competitions must provide two performances such as a prelims and finals, or two performances combining scores at least for Worlds qualifying divisions. In addition the Sanctioning Committee will consider the other following criteria.
    • The date the event producer became a member of the USASF,
    • The location of the competition at which the member desires to give bids,
    • The number of bids being given by other companies in that market,
    • The date of the bid qualifying event,
    • There will be a maximum of 42 Tier 1 Event Producers awarding Cheerleading Worlds Bids in the USA.
  5. Event producers awarding any Worlds bids must fully comply with the Worlds logo requirements, including the proper usage of specific “Paid” bid logos.
  6. The verification for minimum number of “all star cheer or dance” team requirements will be the event producer’s actual preliminary performance results and rankings from the same prior year’s competition.
  7. No monetary awards, including cash, can be attached to Worlds bids other than the funds for Full Paid bids.

NEW: All event producers applying to award 2017 Cheerleading Worlds Bids will only be approved as a Tier 1 who must have a minimum of 125 All Star “cheer” teams participating at the same prior year’s competition to qualify for this tier. Tier 2 will no longer be a USASF Membership Tier Level starting in 2016 – 2017 and Partial Paid Bids will no longer be awarded to the Cheerleading Worlds.

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