Bettering Our Leaders of Tomorrow (BOLT), and Males Advancing Respect, Character and Honor (MARCH) introduce and encourage concepts of integrity, accountability, personal growth and self-confidence to the future leaders of All Star.

BOLT activates young female cheer and dance leaders to become strong peer role models who put team first, fully commit to their All Star program and learn to make the choices that lead to accomplishment.

MARCH builds confident, strong, principled and energetic male leaders and prepares them to lead their peers, their team, their All Star programs and in their extended community.

USASF Athlete Members that participate in BOLT or MARCH Leadership Training are eligible to participate in the Healthy Kids Challenge give back project. Upon completion of the project, young leaders can apply for one of five positions to attend the USASF Regional Advisory Board meeting the following summer to present their results.

The Healthy Kids Challenge curriculum encourages physical activity and healthy eating habits. Over the course of the this curriculum, youth will learn how to Snack Smart, Drink Right and Move More. The lessons encourage fruits and vegetables for snacks, water as the beverage of choice, and new ways to increase active time to help youth reach the 60 minutes-a-day recommendation.

Congratulations to the athletes who will be attending Regional Advisory Board meetings this summer!

Scottlynn Burke Chisten Carpenter Mia Gonzalez
Cheer Intensity All Stars
Green Island, NY
TKO Maryland
Upper Marlboro, MD
San Antonio Spirit
San Antonio, TX
Megan Meyer Makenzie Steidl Lexie Von Os
Xtreme Cheer CT
Norwalk, CT
Xtreme Carolina Athletics
Wendell, NC
Athletic Perfection
Tracy, CA
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