$1 millon catastrophic Insurance Plan for all members
Membership MUST be through USASF (an athlete is not a USASF member just because he/she is a member of the gym)
Athletes must be aged 3-25.
Must be supervised by a credentialed coach, or athlete must be credentialed.

Plan Summary

Aggregate Limit of Liability   $1,000,000.00
This is the maximum amount for which the Insurer is liable for an Insured Person for all benefits under this plan due to any one Accident.
Covered Accident Deductible:    
Eligible medical expenses payable under any other insurance policy or service contract will be used to satisfy or reduce the Covered Accident
Full Excess* Medical, Dental, Rehabilitative and Custodial Care Expense Benefits:
Benefit Percentage   100%
Deductible Establishment Period   24 Months
Maximum Benefit Period   10 Years from accident date
Maximum Benefit Amount   $1,000,000.00
Maximum for Medically Necessary Hospital Inpatient Services and Supplies   Included in Medical Maximum
Maximum for confinement in an Extended Care Facility Per Calendar Year   $365,000.00
Daily Room And Board Limit For:    
Private Or Semi-Private Room
  Average Semi-Private Rate Of Hospital In Which
Intensive Care
  Reasonable and Customary Charges
Combined Home Health Care and Custodial Care Maximum    
Benefit per Calendar Year
Treatment Of Mental Or Nervous Disorders:    
Doctor Fees-

Amount Per Visit


Visits Per Day

  One (1)

Visits Per Calendar Year

Inpatient Hospital
  Up to 45 Days
Maximum Spinal Manipulative Services Benefit    
Maximum Amount Per Calendar Year
Maximum Outpatient Physical Therapy Benefit    
Maximum Amount Per Calendar Year
Maximum Prosthetic Limitation    
Benefit Amount payable during the first two (2) years after
Covered accident
Benefit Amount payable for the remainder of the benefit
Period immediately thereafter
$200,000.00 If amputation of the leg above the knee.
Maximum Benefit Amount
$300,000.00 If amputation of the leg above the knee.
Accidental Death, Dismemberment or Loss of Sight, Speech or Hearing Benefit:
Principal Sum   $10,000.00
Loss Establishment Period   365 Days
*Coverage is excess over any other valid and collectible insurance or similar benefit program available to the Insured Person for a
Covered Loss.

This document is a summary of the U.S. All Star Federation (USASF) Catastrophic Injury Insurance Program. The
Memorandum of Coverage on file with USASF contains all of the provisions, exclusions, limitations and qualifications of the insurance benefits. If there is any conflict between the Memorandum of Coverage and this piece, Memorandum of Coverage provisions will prevail.